Friday, October 29, 2010

Montana Monster Munchies

Montana Monster Munchies is an excellent source for GF oats. I found them in Whole Foods on my visit back to the States and brought home a bag to try out. I got the GF Quick Oats and wow they are awesome. It is just so nice to feel safe about eating oats again and not having to be deprived of such a great food. Having this gives me some variety again for breakfast and keeps me from eating so much of the processed GF cereals which I LOVE unfortunately! You can order their products online however there is a drawback… a tad bit pricey. I would love to try their cookies but I don’t really want to buy in bulk and pay $45 to $50 for them. It would be perfect if you were running your own store. But just to have a few for a treat… might as well bake your own and save the cash.

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