Monday, November 1, 2010

Gluten Free Crackers

Always in search of a good GF cracker… I’ve tried them all with high hopes followed by disappointment, until now!  The Germans have figured out a way to make some of the best products I have tried.  Glutano’s Kric Kroc Salzcrackers are now my older son's favorite snack and let me tell you, he is the toughest critic.  He is now 3 and 1/2 and the pickiest eater on the planet.  And for some strange reason has taken it upon himself to be a vegetarian.  His blood type is A+ and I swear he eats straight out of The Blood Type Diet.  But more on that later...  We just had him tested for Celiac Disease yesterday and will know in 2 weeks if he inherited my gene.  I really hope he didn’t.  He has been on a GF diet since he was a small baby and started having horrible skin rashes.  Once I removed wheat from his diet, the rashes went away.  The only time he went off a GF diet drastically was during our transition and move to Germany.  His skin, digestion, and diaper rashes were uncontrollable.  After trying steroid creams, special lotions, special bath soaps, less baths, and different detergents I finally just put him back on his GF diet and within days all his rash problems vanished.  I was told to wait until he turned 3 to have him tested, so we shall see.

Anyway, for my son to try something new and different from his routine of eating peanut butter sandwiches, pears, peas, sometimes sweet potatoes, and corn chips, is a dream come true.  When I can find a snack that he likes I know it has to be good.  Glutano has many products and, with the exception of the Knusperspass, which is a chocolate balls cereal, they are all outstanding.  The problem once again is they distribute only in Germany and I don’t see any option to order online.  This is becoming frustrating because I don’t want to live in Germany for the rest of our lives.

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  1. OK well the little man does not have Celiac Disease. So that is great news! So most likely is just gluten intolerant or has a wheat allergy. Still keeping him on the GF diet.