Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mommy Gets a Break!

For the first time in over two and a half years I was actually able to take my time reading ingredients and exploring the local German health food store, Klett Naturmarkt, located in Boeblingen.  I didn't have to fight for space to push my double Phil & Ted stroller through the skinny aisles or listen to my boys screaming they want to go see the ducks NOW.  Why do health food stores always have to be so small and cramped?  Ever wonder?  You moms have all been there, I know.  There are already many difficulties, besides dragging two boys with you under the age of three, like understanding the language well enough to know what the product labels say.  Ugh... This took some time to get used to.

I finally had my moment of walking slowly down each aisle and taking it all in.  They have always had a great section of gluten free stuff but that day I found much more than just the crackers, breads and cookies.  I found pre-made falafel patties original and paprika (which is red pepper) both gluten free.  So tonight we will have a taste and see if they compare to the ones I normally make with the Orgran Gluten Free falafel mix, which is awesome by the way.

Oh and did I mention that they have gluten free beer??  Beer competition coming soon.  Stayed tuned.

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