Wednesday, December 15, 2010

40th Birthday Surprises!

The dust is finally settling after a whole week full of birthday surprises from my amazing husband. On our way back from a fun-filled Christmas party weekend in Garmisch our babysitter canceled for Monday night. This was a night that my husband had been planning to kick off my stream of birthday surprises. He told me that I had to find a babysitter or a friend that would go with me and he would stay and watch the kids. No matter what I was going. After many texts emails, phone calls and even a Facebook post we got a sitter! Our good friends Doris and Rich came to the rescue, thanks guys! The weather was crap and if it had kept snowing we might not have made it but luckily it turned to rain and we were able to drive to Munich that night. I had no clue where he was taking me until we walked into the O2 arena for the Kings of Leon concert. It was an amazing show!

The next day my CrossFit girlfriends treated me to a day at the Boeblingen Mineral Therm Spa where we had a delicious brunch followed by steam rooms, salt scrubs, hot and cold baths. Oh so relaxing! If you haven't been there it is a must. The food is fantastic and well anything with the word spa in it... heaven!

As the week continued I was anxiously awaiting Saturday night to be able to enjoy an evening with my husband in downtown Stuttgart. I received a call from our babysitter on Thursday and thought this cannot be good. She had to cancel on us again but for very a good reason. The calling frenzy began however this time I found a sitter rather quickly and she is great!! I didn't know what my husband was planning but figured it would involve a special dinner and maybe a show or some dancing. Nope... not my man. He seriously went all out. When I came home from work that day to meet the new babysitter I walked into our kitchen and my two best friends where sitting on the floor waiting to surprise me. All I could do was scream! OMG... how, when, what is going on???? This probably doesn't seem strange to anyone but they flew all the way from Rhode Island to Germany to be here for my 40th birthday! Now that is some serious friendship. At this point I'm floored and can not imagine anything more but when we got downtown we walked into a place called The Paris Club for our dinner and it was full of 50 of our closest friends all wishing me a happy birthday. I think I lost my stomach, dropped everything and almost fainted. An unbelievable night!! We had the whole place to ourselves and the owner ensured that I had a special spread of gluten free appetizers and dinner. Who would have thought a place like that would cater to my gluten allergies. And to top that off one of my friends brought in two bottles of local gluten free organic beer by Neumarkter Lammsbraeu. Needless to say I was in heaven and feeling so blessed.

Special thanks to my rockin' husband and all my friends for a amazing start to a wonderful year!!

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