Monday, December 6, 2010

Garmisch Christmas Party Fun & Food

It is strange to be disconnected from the world for more than a day or two but so worth it to have a mini vacation in one of the most picturesque places in the world, Garmisch, Germany. We stayed in the Military hotel, Edelweiss along with many of our closest friends for our command Christmas party. This place is a little slice of winter wonderland heaven, surrounded by incredible mountains tons of snow, skiing, sledding and the small Christmas Market that wasn’t much to talk about but nice to go for a mug of hot gluehwein at the end of your ski day. But still with all the great things this hotel has to over (to include Starbucks…ahhhh) it remains a challenge for the gluten free traveler. Just like any of our trips through Europe I pack a big cooler bag full of our necessities, goat milk for the boys, Udi’s bread, organic peanut butter, rice crackers and other gluten free snacks to get us through the weekend.

I’m pleased to say that the food we ate at the hotel for our Christmas party was great! I had the salmon that came with veggies and rice and it was fantastic! No problems with digestion. Yeah! All I had to avoid was the typical dinner rolls on the table and desert naturally was not an option for me. It was an apple strudel and looked delicious but there was no way that I was going to risk that. Luckily I brought along some of my homemade gluten free cookies so if I had a sweet tooth I would be covered. The next day we had lunch at the hotel, buffet style. There weren’t many options for me so I made a salad and had the veggie of the day, green beans. I could have had a sausage but didn’t want to risk getting one that had wheat fillers or wheat casings on it. When in doubt always opt out! That is my rule that keeps me safe when we are traveling.

I wasn’t so thrilled with the breakfast buffet that we had this morning . I brought my Udi’s bread with me as always and expected there to be a bread/pastry area where I could at least toast my bread and maybe get some slices of cheese or jam and that didn’t exist. I grabbed some scrambled eggs, fruit and a small salad. The eggs were horrible and must have been the powdered kind. Yuck! I couldn’t eat them but my youngest seemed to like them, so that was good. I sent my husband back in to get me some fried eggs to order and even those tasted horrible. Overall it was just bad and so frustrating on the lack of gluten free or uncontaminated options. If we stay there again I think we will go into town for breakfast and skip that buffet. Speaking of going into town to eat, one of the best Mexican restaurants called Sausalito’s is where we had dinner last night. This place is always packed so we were lucky to get in early with the kids to enjoy something that we rarely get living in Germany. We started off with the Nachos Grande… Mmmm. Again I played it on the safe side and ordered the steak with salad and it hit the spot. Their menu is not marked as a gluten free however there are choices that are on the safe side like the taco plate and corn tortilla enchiladas.

Overall the weekend was a success with no food attacks. Our biggest battle was the après party headache from all the wine, go figure. We are definitely going to plan another trip back and seek out more restaurants.

Note on Udi’s bread: For those of you who are military living overseas and wondering if you can get Udi’s bread… Yes you can order it direct from the The Gluten Free Palace to your APO/FPO address. They do an outstanding job of packing it up in a cooler box with ice packs and put a rush on the order so your bread arrives fresh. I was super impressed with the company!

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