Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Paleo 30 Day Challenge

My CrossFit Trainer asked all us girls to start the New Year off right with a 30 day Paleo challenge and I immediately said "I'm in". We are paired up into teams so we can motivate and share ideas with each other, not to mention a little competition amongst the team. Whoever gains the most points wins a prize. Bring on the challenge!

I have wanted to try this diet for some time now not because I need to lose weight but more as a test to see if I can maintain a good energy level throughout the day no matter how much energy my two little ones drain from me. I'd also like to see if helps me put on more muscle mass and if I will have more strength during my CrossFit workouts.
I found a great guide called the Practical Paleo Nutrition Guide Book by Balanced Bites and so far it has successfully gotten me through the first 2 days of this diet and we have eaten some great food. The guide is full of information on how to get started, Paleo foods, helpful guides, meal planning, recipes and more. After reading through this I have come to realize that this is an IDEAL diet for someone who is trying to eliminate gluten from their system. It truly is a lifestyle of health and wellness by going back to the basics and eating REAL WHOLE FOODS!

I challenge anyone who is reading this to also take this on especially if you have recently been diagnosed with Celiac disease and are not quite sure what you can eat. Instead of going for those rice and corn pastas, gluten free breads, muffins and cereals that are a quick fix, go for the Paleo foods and really begin to cleanse and clean out your digestive system. You will not only eliminate gluten but the other evil too, sugar!!

The toughest part for me is not having half and half in my morning coffee and not having my favorite bowl of cereal or oatmeal for breakfast. So wish me luck on staying strong. I might end up giving up on the coffee for the month because almond milk and coconut milk just don't do it for me.

If you are wondering... tonights dinner was sauteed chicken with a mango avocado salsa and steamed broccoli. My husband and I were full of Mmmm's throughout the meal. It was great, simple and satisfying.

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