Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keep It Simple... Ribeye Steak & Asparagus

I'm sure all of you have said or heard this phrase a million times before.  "Keep it simple stupid".  It happens to be one of my favorites especially when things just begin to get too complicated for no reason.  Lets get to the point, get the job done in the most efficient manner and stop with all the busy work.  We love, well maybe not love, but we seem to always want to make our lives complex and the only way to slow down and really enjoy the beauty of a simple life you have to remove yourself from your day to day routine and or just step back and evaluate the importance of all this STUFF you have put on yourself to do.  

You don't need to spend a lot of money on food and you don't need an elaborate recipe to make a great healthy meal.  Sometimes the most simple meals are the ones that really hit the spot and you feel great about it because you know you are feeding your hard working body the best whole nutritious foods.

The reason for this rambling... I am removed from my setting on travel for the Navy.  Even though I am working and away from my children and husband during the days I still see this as an opportunity to explore and just be excited to meet new people and see new things.  My first priority whenever I travel is to take a good look at my room.  I got lucky this time and have a full on kitchen however there is only one small frying pan, one small sauce pan, one knife, two cups and two plates.  Wow, bare bones.  Next I search out the closest grocery store so I can pick up a few things to get me by until I'm able to find a healthfood store or something with more options.  The nearest shoppette is right around the corner from my room.  Sweet!  I'm all set.  The third is to check out the near by gym/fitness center and see what type of CrossFit equipment they might have and if I will be able to get my workouts in.  So far on this trip everything has been a success!!  Not bad!  

The selection at the shoppette was limited but I picked some frozen ribeye steaks (yummm!), salmon steaks, asparagus, broccoli, mixed peppers, some nuts, eggs, applesauce and cans of tuna.  Oh and I was in luck, they had a gluten free pancake mix, not that I'm eating much of those these days but for a treat breakfast it is always nice with some fruit sweetened jam.  They had that too. :) Score! 

So today I finished my CrossFit workout, which was awesome by the way, and ran back to my room to make lunch.  I was craving that ribeye so I threw it in my one and only small pan and at that moment I realized I had no salt, herbs, seasonings, oil...  Hmmmm, I contemplated running back to the store but was too hungry.  I needed to eat NOW!  I looked at my few things that I bought and decided to chop up some cashews and macadamia nuts and throw those in the pan with the steak.  Oh yea!  That was a great idea.  The steak was amazing and the asparagus was nothing special however super good.  It took me about ten minutes to throw this together and now I have a happy belly! :)  

The most simple kitchen

About 4 minutes per side with chopped nuts

Frozen Asparagus boiled for about 5 minutes.


  1. Oh Jen, you are SO much more disciplined than I am! I'm proud of you girl. This is when I would have let my mind start to wonder and probably made a bad choice. Your meal looks great & the nuts was genius!

  2. Thanks Dawn! I heard you were seeing great results on your challenge! I really hope you decide to give another try. Take Care!