Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Duty Calls in Monte di Procida Italy

 View from the Restaurant Toristico

The great thing about being in the Reserves is you only have to work one weekend a month and two weeks of your choice during the year.  The bad thing is I have to work two weeks out of the year on military projects instead of spending my time with my kids, cooking and blogging.  So I must say that I am sorry for the long pause in posts.  I have to work again this weekend but I'm hoping that the long flight to DC will allow me plenty of time to think and write.  It will be strange taking that long of a trip without my boys but I know it will be a lot less stressful so I will enjoy that part.

The other obvious bonus about two weeks on active duty was the location of work and the friends we were able to visit.  My work was in Naples, Italy where my family was able to join me and stay with our close friends.  They took great care of us and I can't thank them enough.  Our boys were happy as can be at their "new" school, Baby Garden, where they met new friends, played hard and got dirty!  We were spoiled in that my friend Stacy is a FANTASTIC cook and her son has a gluten intolerance so cooking gluten free in their house is a no brainer!  Needless to say we ate like kings and queens.  And on those nights where she probably didn't want to cook for four adults and five children we would go out to eat.  I had no gluten fear as Stacy is well spoken in the Italian language and was able to express our gluten concerns.  Everywhere we ate was amazing.  The Italians are very understanding and accommodating to the point where we would bring in our own gluten free pasta and they would make a wonderful dish of our choice.  I felt so spoiled!!  

We were at this amazing beach front restaurant called Turistico in Monte di Procida for lunch on one of the most beautiful days I have seen in a long time.  It was a Saturday and we probably waited about two hours to get a table but on a day like that waiting really doesn't matter especially when the kids are loving life playing in the beach park and exploring.  Our lunch quickly turned into a dinner but the crowds were gone and we were able to enjoy the sunset while I enjoyed every last bite of my delicious gluten free pasta with mussels.  Mmmmm what a treat.

Kid Friendly Restaurant
If you are traveling around Italy do not be afraid to inform any waiter that you have a gluten problem and ask them for their advice on ordering something gluten free.  They seem to be very aware of this issue and like I said before accommodating and willing to help.  My husband and I were very fortunate to have spent Valentines Day in Italy and our friends recommended we have a romantic dinner at a place called Abraxas in Monte di Procida.  It is by far the most amazing and romantic evening that my husband and I have ever had together.  The atmosphere was cozy and quaint and the food was to die for.  I for some reason forgot my camera and my husbands camera does not take good pictures indoors so the photos don't do the place or the food justice.  You will have to take my word for it and if you are ever in the Naples area look this place up.  It is sooooo worth it.  Our waiter took great care of us and steered me away from any gluten on the menu.

Appetizers at Abraxas

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