Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gluten Free #1 Neapolitan Pizza Experience!

… Yes Pizza for a Celiac is an Experience to rave about…
Eggplant Mozzarella
After finishing up a long day at work driving over an hour in Italian traffic I arrived back in Monte di Procida, the top of the “mountain”, where our friends live.  Their house is perched just so on the mountaintop with a breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean and what I believe is part of the Amalfi coast. 

You can’t come to Italy and not have pizza, well that is what I said the first time I visited and what did that leave me with… happy taste buds for the moment and a two week throat infection to follow, a miserable state.  Often we (Celiac’s and gluten intolerant types) slip in an occasional little cheats here and there and just live with the discomfort but as I get older that discomfort seems to get worse and worse and it really is not worth a single cheat!  So when Stacy asked me if I wanted to have pizza one night my immediate answer was NO thank you but everyone else can.  Then she asked me if I could make my own pizza dough and if I could then she would take it to their local Pizza guy at the Family Nest and ask him to create some gluten free pizza for her son and me!  Of coarse I can make my own dough thanks to Bob’s Red Mill pizza dough mix which can now be bought at the Commissary.  The Bob’s mix makes enough dough for two pizzas, which was perfect.  I made the dough and they ran it down to the Family Nest and what came back was the best classic gluten free Neapolitan Pizza I have ever tasted.

Apparently there are serious criteria in the Pizza industry in Italy to be able to claim your pizza as a  Neapolitan Pizza or pizza napoletana.  Who would have thought and when I say serious I mean serious as if it were and engineering feat with specifications.  The oven must be an open wood-fire brick oven and the ingredients just so.  The two gluten free pizzas were made just like the non-gluten free pizzas; the only difference naturally was the bread.  A simple tomato sauce with eggplant on one and a basil pesto sauce mozzarella, prosciutto, parmesan on the other is what we had.  OMG… good stuff!!!  Even though it was different I still felt like I experienced the best Neapolitan Pizza in Italy.  The restaurant, the Family Nest is named number one in all of Europe.  Sometimes I just feel so lucky and blessed to have such great friends and be able to learn and experience other cultures and countries without have to sacrifice health.

Basil Pesto Prosciutto

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