Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Paleo In Review...Day 1 Again!

In January my CrossFit friends and I completed a 32 day Paleo Challenge that you might have read about in my earlier posts.  It was sweeping the Nation throughout many CrossFit boxes and now that Spring is finally here (well kind of in Germany) it is time to do another 30 days of spring cleaning of the body and mind!!

This time my husband asked to do it along with me which is very cool so today was day one yet again.   I feel so much more prepared and I know more of what to expect so I think it could lead to a lifestyle more than just a month long challenge, well at least a very close version of it.  I know many people are wondering why I want to do this "diet" again when I don't have any weight to lose... let me explain.
First off we have to consider the meaning of diet and understand that it is not what most people think... restricting ourselves from the pleasure of eating "great" food in the amounts that we please to lose weight! Where is the fun in that?  Dieting is NOT living, so they think.  But actually the word diet comes from the ancient Greek word diaita meaning "way of life, regimen, dwelling." But if you look up the word diet in wikipidea it will tell you things that you have been programmed to believe.  So I'm sticking with the Greeks. I want to live a lifestyle where I have natural sustained energy all day to keep up with my two toddlers, can think clearly and have the energy after the kids go to bed spend time with my man instead of always crashing out due to pure exhaustion.  Going on a gluten free diet 12 years ago made a significant change on the amount of energy I had but I was borderline fatigued and falling apart.  Now that I have had a gluten free diet for so long it is time to take it the next step to see where I can continue to improve the body and mind.

When I came off the first 30 day challenge I slowly added things back into my diet and found that the things I really loved before just didn't taste that great to me.  But I still added them back in by pure habit I suppose. But I can now tell a difference in my digestion when I eat gluten free grains and when I eat no grains at all.  Just like anything we do, it should always be in moderation.

I'm excited for the next 30 days of creating more great foods that will make us stronger and cleaner inside and with the help of one of my favorite bloggers this will be a bit easier.  If you haven't checked her site out yet it is a must...  Everyday Paleo rocks and she just came out with a book that I must get.

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