Saturday, June 25, 2011

GF Research St Thomas Virgin Islands

Megans Bay & Peterborg Peninsula
Just when you think you are about to settle life throws you a sudden curve ball and when it feels as right as this one you've got to jump on it.  I didn't expect it to come so sudden after our relocation from Germany but when we got a potential opportunity to live in St. Thomas we had to look into it.  As always one of my biggest concerns is that we are able to find organic fruit, veggies, grass-fed meat and see what, if any, gluten free options there are.  One thing that I never want to sacrifice is our health.

From the moment I sat down on the plane to fly here everything has fallen into place and the people I have met have been amazing!  I was fortunate to be sitting between two nurses on the plane.  One that vacations in St John every year with her family and one that grew up here, raised her kids here and is a Health Care Consultant, Health Educator, Health Seminar, and Workshop Organizer.  Both of the ladies were a wealth of knowledge to prepare me for this trip and I must say Thank you!  I asked what kind of workshops she holds and if she did any on nutrition.  Not only did she say absolutely but after I gave her one of my cards she asked me if I want to be on her radio talk show.  Wow!  Definitely!   She went on to tell me how St Thomas and St John have a huge population of obesity and diabetes because the people are so unaware of what they are putting into their bodies.  There are good choices on the island from what I have seen so far but people just don't know why they would pay an extra buck or two for organic and clean food, what's the point?  Food can heal or destroy a body just by the choices you make.  Her mission is to educate and provide awareness to reduce/eliminate disease.  I am honored and thrilled to be on her show and will give more details on the time and how you too can tune in via the web.

My first day here I was driving to Pueblo, one of the larger grocery stores on the Island that apparently is over priced and as I pulled into the parking lot the first thing I see is a big green sign that caught my eye... HEALTH FOOD!  Perfect.  I immediately redirected my focus and cruised into a store full of many gluten free and organic food options.  It was a small store but I tend to like small ones better because everything you need is easy to find and can be a quick in and out.  Here is just a few sampling pictures that I took of some of the products they carry.  And to my surprise the prices were nearly the same as what I pay in the States.  

This is not the only store that carries gluten free products however this is the largest selection that I have seen so far.  The Plaza Extra grocery store has a small section and sells organic milk and eggs but very few organic produce.  The Marina Market in Red Hook sells local organic herbs and greens from Coral Bay Organics St John as well as some gluten free pastas, organic milk, cheese and eggs but their prices are the highest I  have seen yet.  The Food Center has organic milk and eggs but not much else that caught my eye in there.  Tomorrow I will visit the Fruit Bowl since everyone I have met has told me how great that store is and that they have many gluten free options.  More details to come...


  1. Came across you on Top Mommy Blogs.

    Love some of your recipes. I am trying to be more gluten free these days. With my fibro diet plays a huge part and leaving as much gluten out is key.

    I am your newest follower. Come over and say hi.


  2. Sheila,
    Thanks newest follower! Welcome to a world of great food and great health! There is nothing better in life then to feel good in the gut. When the gut is healed all else falls into place. Thanks also for sharing your site.

    Have a great 4th of July!

  3. Good morning!
    Thank you so much for this info. My family is from ST. Thomas and I come to visit often. I am recently diagnosed with a bunch of food allergies so this is invaluable info for me. I am hoping that there will be some dairy free, wheat free, corn free options on my very special island :)

  4. Julie,
    So glad that you found my information useful. There are many choices here just hard to find at times. Good luck on your new quest for clean food!

  5. Thank you for posting this information. My bf is working at one of the resorts and I plan to spend all of June there. I have a wheat allergy and I figured I was going to have to ship over some staples before I leave. Is that still a good idea or is the cost of buying there not worth the extra effort of shipping? My other concern is hormone free meats and dairy. How difficult is it to find these items still?