Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ginger Beef with Mango Salsa

White wine and grilled steak?  After a long day at the soccer fields my mother-in-law likes nothing better than to come home and have a super cold glass of white wine with dinner, and yes those are ice cubes in her glass!  It is her signature. Give it a try, it is actually very refreshing especially on a hot and slightly humid day as today.  

Again I must thank Sara Fragoso, Everyday Paleo, in helping me get back on track after our big move.  She makes it so easy to grab a few things at the market and throw together pure happiness.  I was in the Roche Bros. Market in Natick looking for some good beef to buy while my kids climbed all over the cart, smashed the groceries, jumped on and off and ran around like mad men... Luckily most people just smile, laugh and tell me how cute they are while I'm feeling like I have NO control over my kids and being slightly embarrassed.  It was and always is necessary that I have a list and get in and out of the store as fast as possible and thank goodness for the iPhone so I could pull up a good Paleo recipe and find all the ingredients, well almost all.  There were no ripe avocados so themangos took over and it was good.   I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! 

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