Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It Is What It Is...

Flamboyant Tree St Thomas
... A saying that is used often in our household especially during a challenging yet exciting transition that we are currently going through.  Moving from Germany, getting out of the military, job hunting, eating healthy when you're on the road, staying in multiple houses/hotels and finding good schools for our boys has been a lot harder than I expected.  Things happen for a reason and to remain flexible and understanding we look at each other and say "whatta ya gonna do? it is what it is..." Embrace and move on.

And now unexpectedly before we have received our household goods from Germany a job offer landed in our laps that we could not pass up in St Thomas.  Well, I say we, but I mean my hubbie.  Our goods should arrive this month and we will have just enough time to get this house settled and then move again.  I know sounds crazy but...

The children will have so many opportunities and I get to explore yet another new location bringing Gluten Free and Paleo guidance to a place that I feel really needs it.  I have never felt stronger about a place in need then I did the week I was there.  And I am so looking forward to a date night with my man at restaurant called Thirteen that I am told has a Celiac Gluten Free Menu!

Team Irwin is ready for new challenges and adventures!

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