Monday, September 24, 2012

Paleo Slow-Cooked Carnitas

We don't do pork very often but when we do it is nice to have a recipe that rocks and this one does just that.   Nothing like a easy meal that you throw together in the morning and dinner is done!  All last year I missed out on my crockpot meals because of where we lived.  I know now that it wasn't my crockpot that didn't work but the "dirty" power that was coming to our house that wouldn't allow my pot to get as hot as it needed to cook the meat.  After ruining a couple of meals I decided to put the crockpot away.  Now in our new house I gave it a shot the other day and it worked like a charm!!!  So happy to be back in business.

Compliments for this recipe go to Stuff I Make My Husband!

If you are going to make this for the Paleo Challenge you will need to take out the canned chipotle peppers unless you can find some without sugar and leave out the agave/honey ingredient.  If you are not on the challenge but still doing Paleo it is ok to add the agave or honey back in.  Careful for the amount of cayenne pepper or other pepper you might add as it can get super spicy.  Mine came out sooo spicy that my husband LOVED it but my poor little nursing son was not happy... sorry buddy, it slipped my mind!

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