Monday, January 14, 2013

Paleo Day 1... Let's keep it simple

It's Sunday night and prep work for the next Paleo Challenge is in full force.  Tomorrow is Day 1 of RCFSTT second 30 day challenge.  I will do my best to guide you all and provide you with great recipe ideas and quick tips on how to make it through the month.  The first week will be the toughest, week two will be better but don't expect to see major changes yet.  Be patient and give your body time to make all the adjustments that it needs to make.  We are shocking your system and pushing out all that is bad.  Make sure you get your measurements in the first week and do not step on the scale or measure yourself again until the 30 days are complete.

I've always believed that we should work smarter not harder and with that comes not reinventing the wheel!  There are so many great recipes out there so use them and you will not be disappointed.  Tonight on the menu is Everyday Paleo's Chicken Adobo and Roasted Greens with beets and garlic!  Quick and easy full of flavor dish that is a keeper!

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