Friday, October 31, 2014

Paleo "Instant Oatmeal"

Taste much better than it looks!!
This has been on my to do list forever and I must say I'm sorry I haven't gotten this out to you all sooner.  Big Thank you goes out to RCFSTT member Crystal Oliphant for introducing this amazing recipe to our box and allowing me to share with everyone.  When you love cereal as much as I do and decide that Paleo is your way of life you grab on to these good ones and wow what a lifesaver it has been.  This is a quick throw together recipe that you can double or triple the batch to save time.  Once you make your batch you are ready to go each morning.  It is as simple as just adding hot water and waiting 5 minutes.  However if you do have a few more seconds in your morning routine you might want to add a few things on top to spruce it up a bit.  Get creative and enjoy!