Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Gingered Squash Sweet Potato Pie

I just love when I have a recipe that is so good I can tweak and morph it into something new with exciting seasonal flavors. Who can resist a good Winter Comfort Food side dish? Not me!  This is a version of my Sweet Potato SoufflĂ© recipe but using less potato and adding a butternut squash and delicate squash if you happen to just have one on your counter.  If you don't know what a delicate squash is, definitely look it up and give it a try this time of year.  Fresh Harvest is keeping me honest on eating seasonal and again I have incorporated something into our diet that I would have never tried before.  I've also added the ginger and cinnamon to this creation and asked my husband what flavors he could taste..."pumpkin" was his reply...oh man totally pumpkin pie flavor without the pumpkin.  I've made this with and without the maple syrup and both ways is delicious so I will say maple syrup is optional unless you are actually going to make this into a dessert.  Make your favorite crust and you'll have the healthiest most delicious dessert  to serve.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ali's B&B Egg Casserole

There was a time when my sister was on a bed and breakfast kick thinking that she wanted to open one so she had a knack of eating at restaurants and recreating the food that she ate in her own kitchen.  It always amazed me at how she would pick apart a meal and find all the wonderful tastes that were combined to create such a delicious meal and then make it her own.   This recipe goes way back and came from one of her creations originally called "Victoria' Monterey Eggs".  She gave me a hand written note with no date but I want to say this was somewhere around 1998.  I've made this a few times and each time a little different depending on the ingredients I've had on hand which is why you will see so many ingredients listed as "optional".  I love the flexibility of this recipe and that each time it comes out fantastic.  My husband loves it because he can have immediate breakfast to go in the morning for work if I make this on a Sunday.  Serves 6.